I feel like the pace of life lately says “go, go, go”… when all I want to do is stop, look, listen, and observe. Being behind the camera gives me that pause. It gives me a sense of peace and a quiet moment of serenity when everything else is constantly whirring by.

A couple of weeks ago, it was a total delight to host a few amazing women at my home for my latest ShutterStory workshop. They had their own reasons for attending a DSLR photography workshop for beginners. Specifics aside, they wanted to learn to take back the control of their camera so that they could tell the story for their family. And how to find a-ha moments within their daily crazy busy lives — the ones that are worth remembering forever. Those are the images that make us pause and reflect, especially while we might feel one way about the world (ohmygoshwhendoesiteverstop), our children have an entirely different perspective — one that’s perhaps a little slower, filled with freedom and joy. And that’s worth remembering.

Learning photography, or any new medium, takes courage — and they dove in, feet first, with open hearts and minds. We talked about technical elements all morning, from ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture to equipment and lenses, and then we started to put the pedal to the metal. In between playing outside with dad, Parker was a great helper and offered to model for us while we practiced working with settings and indoor light.

dslr photography workshop

The afternoon’s segment was creative storytelling with your camera — using composition, lighting, and more to create authentic images that feel like real life. We had huge creative sparks as we brainstormed about the images we could create with our children! It was so inspiring! 🙂

A couple of special models joined us later in the day so we could put everything into practice, and the cool overcast skies gave us a beautiful opportunity to apply new techniques to photographing in natural light. It was great fun to spend a little time behind the camera in between teaching moments. The bright colors of the grass made everything pop, and this little man was full of awesome expressions!

dslr photography workshop



At the end of the day it’s fun to hear what the women have to say about attending the workshop. Jamie warmed my heart with what she said:

“I am walking away with a whole new understanding of my camera and photography. I am excited to practice all my new skills!”

Amber followed up with this; it’s always what I hope for, in your experience at one of my workshops:

“The time flies by, and by the end, you are rewarded with being able to finally capture what you see.”

If you’re ready to take the control back from your DSLR, join me for one of my next beginning photography workshops! You’ll be inspired to capture the story and know how to do it with confidence. Learn more in the workshops tab above! Cheers!