I’m still riding high on the wave of amazingness that was this past Sunday’s workshop. I mean, oh-my-goodness, let’s-go-out-and-tell-some-stories,-people kind of inspiration. There’s just something about a room full of women, learning about photography, seeing that light in their eyes of a YES! moment when an idea sparks.

The whole energy of the afternoon was comfortable and relaxed. One of the attendees later commented to me that it felt very cozy to have the workshop at my home. I thought so, too. 🙂 I had a few things waiting for them as they arrived — a tote including a lovely notebook, our awesome CONFIDENCE workbook, some snacks, and HUGE thanks to Kelly Moore Bag, LensRentals, and Mpix for giving these women a little something extra for when they go home.

photography classes manhattan ks

After a quick round of introductions and sharing a little of my story, we dove right in and before long, everyone had their cameras out to start setting up their tools for successful images.  I loved how helpful and encouraging the women were to one another with getting their settings right. And we had some wonderful discussions about why we make some of those adjustments and how quickly that can impact their photography. photography workshops for women

photography workshops for women

Then we talked about lighting! This was a great section of the workshop and you could see the lightbulbs start to blink on about different qualities and colors of light. We talked about this video, too, of Me Ra’s sunrise time lapse in Egypt. The color and shape of the light is always changing throughout the day — and how we can use that knowledge when we’re taking photographs of our kids. Even with your smartphone, or your point and shoot, the lighting can totally affect what your image is going to look like. So we talked about ways to maximize the available light and use it to the best of your ability. (And a few ideas for how to have fun with it, too!) photography workshops for women

After a quick break and lots of laughing, we turned our attention to composition and storytelling. I think this was the most inspiring section for the women — myself included! We took some time for the exercises in the workbook, and had the most amazing brainstorming session as part of those exercises — their ideas were incredible! Soon the chatter was flowing about photographing mismatched socks, stacks of books, babies and vaccuums… my heart was absolutely BURSTING to see these women light up as they talked about their kids, and the details that are so fleeting, at this point in their life.

I am so honored to have been able to share this afternoon and these experiences with this group of amazing women. To each one of you, to simply say a heartfelt thank you doesn’t seem like enough. I’m grateful that you took an afternoon to do something for yourselves, to share that time with me and the other beautiful women in the room. I was so inspired by each of your stories, questions, and kind words. And you might recognize that lovely lady on the left — that’s my mama! As luck would have it, my mom and dad’s travel schedule worked beautifully to be able to spend a little extra time visiting us so she could participate in the workshop. Her insight and ideas were so valuable. And I have a heart full o’pride about what she learned. 🙂

photography workshops for women

Learn more about my upcoming January Growing CONFIDENCE workshop here! It will be the perfect opportunity to re-charge your creative spirit after the holidays. Cheers!