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Wishing you the best of the season and many happy memories with friends and family!

photographer holiday card


Over the years I’ve amassed a beautiful collection of vintage cameras. I think they are such humble vehicles. Cameras and film have told the stories of countless birthdays, holidays, and other firsts in our lives. Within my collection, some of the edges of the housings are worn, the handles are cracked, or the film bulbs simply burned out from being fired one too many times. But the stories they’ve captured are the cornerstones by which we remember stories and moments in our family’s legacy. In a simple, little black box.

Among the menagerie I’ve tucked in a few favorite photographs—one of them, my grandfather behind the wheel as my grandmother smiles in the passenger’s seat. Since my grandfather’s recent passing, that photograph is more than a memory, it’s magic.

As I looked around the packed church hall after the funeral services the other day, I remembered that image sitting on my shelf. Through tears, I saw that same twinkle in each of his childrens’ eyes, even in their darkest moments of mourning. And in his grandchildren. And in the great-grandchildren, like my son, who I wish could have as deeply known this humble, hardworking, and faith-filled man, but will lovingly carry on his legacy.

These photographs we create every day are more than a simple snapshot. They tell us about the abundant catches on fishing trips and the joy of 7′ corn by the Fourth of July. Their stories paint a picture of a life well lived, loved, and filled with grace, laughter and a little grit.

These photographs are our story, and our legacy —  print, share, and tell yours.



100 days of summer feels like:

warm sunshine
freckled nosesplaying in the sprinkler
Star Wars battles with foam noodle Lightsabers
s’mores aound the fire pit
bike rides
lazy afternoons reading
the thrill of the high dive
trickling waterfalls
snap-poppers and fireworks on the Fourth
cool watermelon juice running down your chin
the first splash in the pool
long runs with the sunrise



How are you enjoying your summer so far?