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Lately I’ve been completely engulfed by the life and body of work by Dorothea Lange. Her story and her approach to how and why she photographed are enough to inspire you endlessly. And THEN there’s the body of work that she’s produced, full of storytelling, documentary images that have become icons of the Depression era. It’s like fuel for my creative fire, to learn from and interpret another artist’s work.

Her words are woven throughout the book among her beautiful images. Like this one:

Dorothea-Lange-Quote (source)

Your portrait experience is just that — we are taking an instant out of time, and holding it completely still for you to cherish for years to come. Today I’d like for you to hear some beautiful words straight from this amazing couple, who I had the honor of photographing last fall. Native east coasters, they wanted a portrait experience to celebrate their connection among the amazing surroundings of the Flint Hills. Here are her words:

My husband and I had not been professionally photographed in a few years. We had recently moved to Kansas and wanted the opportunity to have our pictures taken so that we could share a piece of our new life here in Kansas with our family and friends back home.

portrait photography testimonials

Cathy is very personable and professional.  She is easy to talk to and she makes you feel very comfortable. We did not feel awkward in front of the camera at all. She made the entire experience fun and very memorable. What made it truly special was Cathy’s ability to capture who we are as a couple. You can see how happy we look in the photographs. I even had a friend comment on how she could see and feel the love in our pictures. I feel so blessed to be able to have these pictures to show our children one day.

portrait photography testimonials

The quality of her work speaks for itself. The portraits are beautiful, and we could not be any happier with our products! We really liked all the different package options and product types. Cathy offers a lot of traditional and modern pieces. My husband and I love the metal prints. They are so unique and beautiful. Our photographs are investments that we know will truly last.

portrait photography testimonials

Our experience from the initial consultation to the end results have been nothing but amazing. Cathy is very experienced and knowledgeable. I really loved the fact that Cathy is so diverse in her background. She works with you on what design layouts that would look best in your home. She really listens to you and makes sure she delivers what you want. Cathy has an amazing way of incorporating your personality and style into her work. portrait photography testimonials

portrait photography testimonials

portrait photography testimonials

Every time I read their words, I am more grateful to have had the opportunity to document their life in the Midwest. When we reviewed their portraits, I love the arrangement they selected, which included two larger portraits surrounded by four smaller ones, similar to this:

How to display portraits in your home

Having heirloom-quality portraits like these to see every day in their home gives them something real, something beautiful and tangible to hold. Images like these will forever hold that precious instant of time in your life, and make it completely stand still.

If you’re thinking about scheduling a portrait session for you to cherish and celebrate this moment in your life, let’s talk! Summer and fall sessions will fill up quickly, and you won’t want to miss out.
Here’s to holding a moment still forever in your own family — Cheers!

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Today’s post is a little bit of a new page in my story. It’s not often that I have the opportunity to share my design and branding work with you! Perhaps you didn’t even know I am a seasoned art director and graphic designer. It’s like the Peter Parker to my Spiderman. During my ad agency days, I designed print collateral and brand identifications, and even through the last few years, have continued to partner with small and large businesses to give a visual “voice” to their brand. You have very likely seen or encountered my design work over the years and never known it (especially if you’re a Manhattan-ite). 🙂

In my book, being commissioned as a designer is another layer of my work as a visual storyteller — whether that’s creating the perfect album from your session or a custom holiday card — or in this case, creating a new identification for your business. So imagine my excitement when Laura, one of my colleagues, contacted me and entrusted me with her vision and desire for a new identification. I’m going to let Laura take over and tell the story:

•   •   •   •   •   •

“I designed my old logo myself about 8 or 9 years ago.  I was just starting up my photography business and wanted to make it official, so I created a logo. It wasn’t too bad, and worked for me for several years. However, back then I hadn’t really found myself as a photographer. I was doing weddings, seniors, families, babies, headshots, and even some commercial work…basically whatever someone would pay me for, I would do. Over the past couple of years I’ve refined my style and narrowed my focus to specialize in maternity, birth and newborn photography, and as that process happened, it became clear that my old logo was not only outdated, but it didn’t really reflect who I was as a photographer or as a business anymore. I needed a new identity that truly represented New Creation Photography.

New Creation Photography Logo

I’ve also learned through the years that it is best for myself and for my business to use my strengths, and allow others to help me in areas where I have weakness. Since design is not one of my strengths, it was a simple decision to ask Cathy if she was interested in working with me to help me rebrand and create a new logo for New Creation. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business! I didn’t have any specific ideas about what I wanted. In fact, I didn’t even know for sure if I wanted to just tweak and update my old logo or start with something fresh and new. It was almost embarrassing to go to Cathy with no real solid ideas on what I wanted, but she made the process so simple!

We started with creating an inspiration board to get a feel for my style. From there, she presented me with completely unique ideas for the logo as well as variations of my old logo. As soon as I saw them, I knew that my biggest problem was going to be narrowing them down. After giving Cathy my feedback, we discussed the possibilities, and before I knew it, I had a new round of logo ideas in front of me. From there we refined some of the details until we got to my new logo, which I love! (Cathy’s note: I do too!!)

New Creation Photography Logo // Design by Cathy Mores

Cathy was so encouraging the whole way through, even when I was asking (what I thought were) stupid questions and making requests to change some teeny-tiny detail which some other designers might have scoffed at. She always accommodated my requests, and replied in a cheerful, positive tone, ready to take on the next challenge from me. It really was a pleasure to work with Cathy throughout this process, and I’m so glad I chose to work with her. I am in love with my new look, and I can’t thank Cathy enough!!

A HUGE transformation, don’t you think? 🙂 The butterfly in her logo so beautifully represents new life, which is perfect for her gorgeous style of photographing babies and new families. It feels light and airy and fresh, and it’s a lovely first impression to her brand. Here’s some other ways she’s using her new photography logo, as a watermark and in her packaging:

New Creation Photography Logo

New Creation Photography Logo

I’m excited to share more of this side of my work with you in the coming months — and there are some transformations I think you’ll love seeing! If you’re (or know someone who is) in the market to freshen up your business’ brand, I’d love to talk with you! Connect with me on the Contact page to learn more.


Today, I thought you’d like to hear the words of a recent family portrait testimonial and see how they incorporated their portraits into their home decor. You’ve heard me talk rather often about my belief that family portraits are a centerpiece of your home. I’m SO passionate about this for several reasons. For one thing, they’re a beautiful expression of how your family has grown and changed over the years. And it’s the perfect way of having a piece of original artwork that can be passed down for generations. A display of family portraits in your home, like a single statement image or a collection of your favorites, shows the world how important your family is to you. (That speaks volumes to your kids’ sense of identity in your family, not to mention their self-esteem!) Those fleeting memories become more cherished and valuable as time passes. And, the most obvious, your portraits are a tangible memory that make you smile, every time you pass by them in your home.

Manhattan Kansas Family Portrait Testimonial // Cathy Mores Photography

Today I thought you’d like to hear the Heidrick family’s portrait testimonial, in their own words, with a few peeks at how they’re displaying their gorgeous portrait heirlooms in their Kansas City-area home.

This family’s description of their experience, and the portraits we created, are a beautiful illustration of this moment in their life together. I LOVE how she shared some of her memories during the session! Here’s a few of her sweet words:

Kansas City Family Photographer // Cathy Mores Photography

Having Cathy take our portraits is so easy and comfortable, and she’s amazing with kids and our two children LOVE her so it’s natural and simple. The best part is when it is all said and done, she has captured the best parts of our family and children because she has amazing talent and an eye for everything. Nothing is left chance when you have photos done with Cathy.
The session is always stress free for us, and she can turn any situation into a great portrait. For instance, our 2 year old would not put down the acorn that afternoon at the park, so she just went with it and got this amazing image with awesome light behind his little blonde head and his smile that can light up a room. I would never have thought that acorn would get such a beautiful capture.
With our oldest — she loves to have her picture taken, and so Cathy just plays that up with her — we were seeing senior pictures in a few years, no doubt.  The images of my daughter are beautiful — she captured her personality in each one. But most of all, my husband and I do not like to have our picture taken, but she always makes us laugh and have fun and so then we get great images at the end that are us — she always captures us which makes it a 10 every time.
After the session, we found the perfect images to fit each space. It is so helpful for her to be in my house and see my walls to know what I’m looking for.
Cathy’s customer service is amazing, and then she also does our Christmas cards so that is wonderful — one stop shopping which is such wonderful service for us because we are busy people. She makes it very easy and with the highest quality work. family portrait testimonial
Cathy has a talent that people like me can only dream of — her eye for perfection is amazing and the best part is she just goes with the flow each time; no matter what, she’ll get the images captured and even better than you imagined.  She will be our photographer and friend for life! 🙂

Gah! I am so beyond humbled by such kindness. 🙂 This family is so close to my heart, and I am abundantly blessed by our friendship and countless memories we’ve made together. Here’s a couple of peeks of ways that they are displaying these portraits around their home! family portrait testimonial

Is this hallway arrangement in between the bedrooms adorable or what?! I LOVE how she incorporated the kids’ artwork alongside their simple 8×10 portraits. It makes the arrangement so personal and unique — I love when kids can see that their creativity is valued and can be put a part of your home decor. In the family room, a gorgeous 20×24 canvas hangs in one of the most prominent spaces in the home. It serves as a beautiful, constant reminder of their family bond.

On the landing to the upstairs, a 20×20 framed storyboard shows off the family’s favorite images from the session in one beautiful piece! The colors in the portraits coordinate perfectly with their wall color — just one of the things we’ll talk about before photographing your session. These are the details that help elevate your portraits from just another image to a piece of beautiful, custom artwork.


I hope you’re inspired by their experience to have me document your family memories this year! The summer would be a perfect time to create beautiful family portraits, and I’d love to talk with you about creating an experience like the one the Heidricks and so many other families have had. Use the contact form to get in touch with me!