I have a dog-eared copy of The New York Times 36 Hours that sits in my office. It helps me to think bigger, to sit down and mark on the calendar with the places I want to go and things I’d like to do. Traveling can also leave me feeling vulnerable, to try something new in a place that I’ve never been. But once I’ve arrived, the lightbulb starts ticking on, with places to discover, new experiences to have, and the fun that can come with getting out of my usual comfortable surroundings.

Photography can feel that same way when you’re just getting acclimated with your camera. It’s like you just set foot in a new city. You dream big of creating beautiful, consistent, storytelling images of your kids — you know in your heart how much you want them. So you wander the streets of this somewhat foreign experience, buy new gear, read blogs and books, and try things on our own. All of which are crazy intimidating. Until you go out of our comfort zone to a place you haven’t been before within yourself, to come to a CONFIDENCE photography workshop and be inspired, guided, and pushed to your creative edges… that’s where the magic really begins. And lightbulb blinks on, the a-ha moments start rolling and you can feel this amazing sense of “oh, yes I can” and empowerment!

I think that may be a little how the women felt coming into the Growing CONFIDENCE workshop. Vulnerable, open to a new experience, willing to learn and SO amazingly enthusiastic about it all. I have to give these women huge credit for sacrificing a day away from their families and little ones to learn and discover together.

photography workshops

After opening up their beautiful swag bags filled with their CONFIDENCE workbooks and a few other surprises, we dove in. Camera basics, lenses, lighting and the magic three filled the air during the morning. The ladies soon were photographing everything in sight to start practicing photographing in manual mode — nothing was safe! 🙂 Muffins, Parker’s stuffed animals, each other… the shutters were clicking and laughter was bubbling into every corner of the room. And the a-ha’s flowed!

photography workshops

A delicious lunch gave us the chance to recharge our batteries, before our beautiful baby and mama arrived for the ladies to gain even more practice with what they had learned. This sweet eight month old and her mama were awesome models! Her smile burst into giggles when her mama began to sing “all the pretty babies” to “Single Ladies”, and my heart swelled as shutters snapped and giggles bubbled. Of course I jumped in on the action too — I just couldn’t resist photographing those adorable blue eyes!

photography workshops

The moments the women captured of this sweet mama and her adorable daughter are simply priceless! I lovelovelove this next image from Jenice. The perspective from the floor is a beautiful way to fill the frame, and the way the light falls softly on her face makes the background disappear. So awesome!

photography workshop

Amani captured this really sweet moment! Mama always has a toothbrush handy, and the smile on both of their faces is total joy.

CONFIDENCE Photography workshops for moms

It was awesome to be their tour guide in this city of creativity, as I watched the women learn and grow with every new technique and tip they learned.


After the session, we talked about the a-ha moments and what the women learned from photographing a little one. One of the attendees later told me what a great experience it was to talk about the basics, and then actually have the opportunity to put the learning into practice RIGHT AWAY!

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The rest of the afternoon was filled with creative inspiration about storytelling photographs. Creating layers of storytelling within your photograph shows us so much about who our children are. We brainstormed ideas about each of the womens’ families to give them a jumpstart on how they can go home and use everything they learned to capture the stories of their own children. Soon, it was time for our day to end, confident and ready to navigate their own way in their newfound perspective.

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But my words don’t do it justice… read on for words from the beautiful women who attended!

…it was a joy to take your class. It was the most spectacular experience to learn how to use manual settings! Love it!!! It’s opened a whole new world! It has given me challenge to persue my interest in taking photos and putting together photo books of my daughter and her activities as well as family and friends!

I found the hands-on experience to be really helpful in my learning! My favorite part was trying different lenses and I learned so much about how to use my camera.

I’m always so amazed by how much I learn teaching, just as the women who attend learn about themselves, their photography, and the stories they’re inspired to tell for their own family in their daily lives. I am SO excited to see how these women continue cultivating CONFIDENCE with their photography!

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Want to join me for my next Growing CONFIDENCE photography workshop? Mark your calendar for a day of fun and learning on March 29 in Manhattan! Learn more here!