Happy Spring Break! 🙂 Woohoo!!

Spring break is such an awesome time for your family to dust off those winter cobwebs and get ready for the warmer weather! We love the extra time to spend together — it’s a great pause button for our family.

Today I want to share with you a few fun kids photography projects that will encourage your child’s creativity and help all of you capture some fun, silly, and memorable moments together!

kids photography projects

1. Make a DIY pinhole camera

This kids photography project is SO FUN! Hop on over to Wolfe’s or Amazon for some photo paper and then grab an old oatmeal can to make this super awesome pinhole camera. Try experimenting with different sized pinholes, and how long you expose your photo paper. Then try this awesome DIY how-to for developing your photo paper — no chemicals necessary!

kids photography projects

2. Create a self-portrait

Better than a selfie! Have kids create a self-portrait that’s all about them: it’s a wonderful photo story of who they are at this moment in their life, whether it’s surrounded by a chair full of lovies or sitting on a stack of favorite books. Or photograph and print a series of photos and let them cut, glue, and re-assemble their own self-portrait! What a fun way for your child to express their creativity and their individuality. Super fun!


3. Photo Scavenger Hunt

Check out a ton of awesome photo scavenger hunt lists on Pinterest! These are great for indoors or outdoors:

kids photography projects

4. 5 things

I love this idea because it can totally go in any direction of your child’s creativity! Choose a topic and then photograph 5 things about it. For example, you could photograph 5 things you’re thankful for, or 5 things you love about your family’s pet, or 5 things about spring break. This kids photography project gets them thinking about different perspectives on the same subject and building their own ShutterStory. Super fun!

kids photography projects


5. ABC’s

You’ll be amazed by how you can create the ABC’s in your own home! Kids can totally run with their imaginations to find things around their environment at home, outdoors, or on an adventure to the park, library, or other special place to find and photograph the ABC’s. Use shapes in everyday objects to create the letters, then take it a step further and create an awesome photo book from Pinhole Press!


6. Set a timer/day in the life

Set your phone or kitchen timer to go off hourly (bonus points if you pick a random time during the hour, like 8:24, 9:24, 10:24, etc) — and photograph what you’re doing when the timer goes off on each hour. At the end of the day you’ll have an awesome compilation of your entire day’s activities, from brushing teeth in the morning through naptimes and spring break playdates. And keep your phone handy for when you’re on the go, too!

kids photography project

Have fun with these kids photography projects! I hope this inspires you and your kids to enjoy photography together during spring break! Cheers!

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